Innovation, competence, reliability

… are the key to success, says Peter A. Hohage, managing director of FAWO GmbH

FAWO is a medium-sized company in the vehicle supplier industry. Highly esteemed for its product range of more than 6,000 items. But FAWO is also much sought after as system vendor for one-stop solutions, problem solver and think tank for innovative ideas.

Mr Hohage, where do you see the company’s focal point?

Peter A. Hohage: FAWO has since its beginnings established an international reputation as reliable and competent supplier of vehicle technologies. Innovative new developments, further developments as well as problem solutions shall remain a main focus of the companies occupations. Keeping also in mind the constant acquisition of new customers nationally and internationally.

Mr. Hohage, since 1984 you have been the Managing Director of FAWO GmbH. During this time, the company has become a leading European systems supplier of technical interior fittings for caravans and mobile homes. If you were to look back over the past 29 years: what was, or indeed is, the key to success?

Peter A. Hohage: Innovation, competence, reliability. Constant contact to decision makers among customers and vendor partners and always adhering to the motto “better and faster than the competition”.

There is virtually no caravan or camper that has not in essence been equipped with technical interior outfitting of FAWO. What about the international market?

Peter A. Hohage: The product program of FAWO is not just represented in Europe it is a well-known product in many parts of the world. Wherever there are caravans, mobile homes, campers as well as commercial sales vehicles and omnibuses, FAWO is known as a reliable supplier. Export shipments are constantly being dispatched to countries such as Australia, South Africa, Japan, USA, Belarus or South Korea. Outlook: trend rising.

The automobile industry has had to endure significant slumps in the past. Does that effect the vehicle technology industry?

Peter A. Hohage: Falling production figures in the automobile industry are also felt by FAWO customers which is also reflected onto us. Nevertheless, with attractive products we have always been able to acquire new customers and outdo the respective previous year figures.

Looking into the future: Do you have any plans or visions? Where will the FAWO journey take you?

Peter A. Hohage: FAWO will increase its position as problem solver, system vendor and “one-stop vendor” for the related market segments. We regard the further and new development of attractive products – in collaboration with our customers and partners – as the most significant challenge of the coming decades. In this sense, reliability of all partners is a decisive asset.

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