FAWO Gebäude

Over 45 years of innovation and mobile expertise

The vehicle system provider FAWO is celebrating its anniversary

On 1 July 1974 in Walldorf, FAWO Vertriebs GmbH for vehicle and caravan accessories was founded by Rudolf Hohage and fellow co-owners, Karl Heinemann and Rudolf Bärmel. The foundation was thereby laid for more than 45 years of success. Under the direction of managing partner Peter A. Hohage, who was active since 1984, FAWO has developed into one of Europe’s leading system providers for mobile automotives. This was achieved thanks to the high level of competence and the long-standing expertise of the sales and product development teams.

More than 25 employees at the Nieder-Olm site proudly reflect on the history of their company. With more than 7000 m² of total area and a modern high-bay warehouse with over 6000 stock items, a turnover of approximately 18 million EUR is generated annually in the warehousing business.

Although the business was initially oriented towards pure sales, FAWO has developed into an innovative think tank for technical interior design of recreational vehicles. In collaboration with producers and suppliers, the ISO-certified company from Nieder-Olm continues to develop new and functional products that also meet the highest quality and design standards. One example is the Primero Comfort, a single-column lifting platform that will be presented exclusively at the upcoming International Caravan Salon – incidentally the 39th time FAWO has participated at the Caravan Salon.

Because of the expansion of international business operations and the adoption of new representations, FAWO’s global orientation and position as a leading system provider have been recently strengthened. Vehicle manufacturers from Asia, Australia, USA and South Africa therefore currently place their trust in the Rhine-Hessian enterprise.

Looking towards the future, FAWO has recently acquired 7.500 m² of commercial space adjacent to the Nieder-Olm site. In addition to an expansion of office and warehouse space, modern production areas will soon be built. Managing partner Peter A. Hohage has not yet clarified whether the company will also become involved in production in addition to pure product development. “The rich history of FAWO has not yet come to an end, and there will be other notable milestones along our way”, says Hohage.

Facts and figures

establishment of FAWO Vertriebs GmbH for vehicle and caravan equipment by Rudolf Hohage, Karl Heinemann, and Rudolf Bärmel in Walldorf on 1 July

first time participating at the International Caravan Salon in Essen

hiring of the first 200 m² warehouse in Walldorf

resignation/retirement of the two shareholders, Heinemann and Bärmel
entry of new shareholders/CEO, Peter A. Hohage and Wilfried J. Abt

new factory building with warehouse (650 m²) in Morfelden-Walldorf 18 employees and more than 1 million EUR turnover in the warehousing business

membership in the Association of the German caravan manufacturer (VDWH, now the CIVD – caravanning industry association)

construction and hiring of an additional warehouse (245 m²)

death of the founder and senior leader, Rudolf Hohage

initial certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001
more than 4.5 million EUR turnover in the warehousing business

25th time participating in the International Caravan Salon

relocation into private factory building at the new Nieder-Olm site total area is 7000 m² of which 2500 m² is warehouse space and 800 m² is office space with the help of 30 employees, more than 8 million EUR turnover has been achieved in the warehousing business change of name to FAWO GmbH Fahrzeugtechnik introduction of an electronic warehouse management system with radio scanners for mobile data collection as well as a chaotic storage system.

total revenue of 9 million EUR in the warehousing business was exceeded

total revenue of 10 million EUR in the warehousing business was exceeded

total revenue of 12.5 million EUR in the warehousing business was exceeded

resignation/retirement of Managing Director, Wilfried J. Abt. Managing partner is now Peter A. Hohage

purchase of an additional 7500 m² of commercial space at the Nieder-Olm site additional office and storage space will be created modern production areas are planned


PR 45 years of FAWO [PDF]

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