Now you see me, now you don’t

FAWO presents an innovative TV lifting fitting SKY-TEC 32” with 12 volt connection

Almost silent, a flap in the built-in cupboard of the mobile living space opens up and as if by magic a 32 inch flat screen appears out of the cupboard compartment.

Flat screens are being increasingly used in motorhomes. In doing so, the available space must be used efficiently. The latest product from the designers at the vehicle system supplier FAWO, a flat screen pull-out system, impresses with an extremely flat design, a 12 volt connection and which is suitable for flat screens up to a screen size of 32 inches.

The pull-out system is controlled conveniently by means of the TV remote control. However, currently only suitable for devices of the mobile home entertainment provider Alphatronics. For devices from other providers, this feature is not yet available, however it is being prepared. Alternatively, the extension and retraction can be controlled by a button which is discreetly and inconspicuously integrated into the living environment. When shutting down, the TV turns off automatically and the integrated anti-trap protection provides the required safety. And if you forget to turn off the flat screen and retract it before starting your journey, this will be done automatically when you start the vehicle.

Due to the very small installation depth of  pprox. 100mm (including TV) and the various model versions, many installation options are possible thanks to this innovative TV lifting mechanism.

Further applications can be developed together with the designers from FAWO. For example, a retractable coffee machine or a retractable bar compartment. There are no limits to the ideas.

And FAWO is already optimising the model series. A lightweight version for 40″ monitors is already being prepared, which is expected to be available for the next season.


PM_TV_lifting fitting (PDF)

PM_TV_lifting fitting_Pictures (zip)