More than 6,000 Items in Stock

FAWO – Systematic Automotive Technology : 9 Product Groups

FAWO is a certified system vendor and sales partner of numerous renowned suppliers specialized in the production of technical interior equipment for caravans, campers, commercial sales vehicles, and omnibuses that do not maintain a sales force of their own. With a constant ear to the market, new products and system solutions are continually being developed on the basis of close collaboration with customers and manufactures and their requirements, suggestions and ideas.

More than 6,000 different items are stocked in the state-of-theart high-bay storage center at FAWO in Nieder-Olm ready for dispatch. The current product range of the company is divided into 9 product groups:

Locking systems

Locking mechanisms, latches, door locks, latch locks, locking cylinders, keys, accessories.

Fittings Technology

Furniture fittings, hinges, drawers, locks, hooks, TV holders, small items, VD external socket

Table Frames

Single-column table frames, lift tables, outriggers, table fixtures.

Ventilation Elements

Air outlets, ventilation rosettes, windscreen support panels, overhead ventilation flaps, fridge vents, sliding vents, and mushroom vents, floor vents.

Electrical Installations

Built-in programs, special plug systems, switches, sockets, connecting systems, hand lights, reading lights, electronic alarm systems, fixing systems.

Lighting Systems

Lighting systems, lamps, lights, light medium.

Water Supply

Fixtures, faucets, pumps, drinking water hoses, waste water hoses, and special hoses, drain valves, draining systems, outlet and inlet connections, drinking water canisters, installation material.

Profile Systems

Sponge rubber profiles, rubber profiles, edge protection profiles, special and rigid PVC profiles.


Tension belts and straps, miscellaneous, Steps, supporting tools, grab handles, carrier systems.


PR product groups [PDF]